Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning



Purchasing furniture is a huge investment, usually costing thousands of dollars. You probably don’t realize how dirty your furniture is. But if you think about it, all of those dead skin cells, oils, hair grease, dust, and allergens are on your upholstery. We not only take care of what is hidden, but stains such as juice, coffee, wine, and grease are no challenge for our certified, trained upholstery cleaning technicians. At SteamMyCarpets.com, we make sure that our upholstery cleaning methods are the manufacturer’s recommendations for that fabric type. Using specially designed tools, our technicians get your furniture back to looking new again. And remember, “If we can’t get it clean, no one can!”


Q: What pieces of furniture can your company clean?
A: Anything that has upholstery. We can even clean leather! Common pieces of furniture we clean are couches, sofas, loveseats, dining room chairs, ottomans, chaises, recliners, and mattresses.

Q: What type of material/fiber can you clean?
A: We can clean just about all types of fibers. We specialize in microfiber, cotton, silk, suede, leather, and many other delicate fibers.

Q: Will you even clean other types of upholstered items, such as vehicles and drapes?
A: Yes! When we say we clean anything that has upholstery, we mean it. It doesn’t matter if it is your car, truck, drapes, or the kitchen sick – if it is upholstered, we can clean it.

Q: What type of stains can I expect to come out?
A: We are the stain experts. Through specialized training, our technicians know what methods/chemicals to use to get out even your most stubborn stains. We have been successful in getting out blood, vomit, ink, permanent marker, hair grease, and water stains. If we can’t get it out, no one can – we guarantee it!

Q: Can you remove odors, such as cigarette smoke and pet odors?
A: We have been very successful in removing upholstery of odors. We have a special treatments for stubborn odors such as cigarette smoke, pet odors, mildew odors, and smoke damage done by house fires.

Q: What is upholstery protection? Do your offer it?
A: Yes! In fact, we highly recommend that you get your upholstery protected. This is an micro layer of protection that will help your furniture stay clean longer and prevent future permanent stains. You won’t even notice a difference – except when something spills, it won’t permanently stain your furniture. Our technicians can do a FREE in-home demonstration on the effectiveness of the protection.

Q: How much can I expect to pay for upholstery cleaning?
A: Considering the amount it costs to replace, a very small amount. This depends on the size of the furniture and type of fabric. Call us today for a FREE estimate.

Q: Do you guarantee your work?
A: Yes! We are confident that you won’t even have to call us back, however, if you are not completely satisfied, call our office within 14 days within the date the service was rendered, and a technician will return within 24 – 48 hours.