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Freshly steam cleaned carpets, renewed upholstery on a couch and pillows, a man stuck in office flood and restored tile floors.

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SteamMyCarpets is the Bensalem & Cornwells Heights-Eddington area’s number one source for professional carpet cleaning, rug cleaning, upholstery, tile & grout cleaning, pressure washing and food clean up services. Wth over 17 years of experience in the neighborhood and industry, we know what it takes and have developed the most effective methods for cleaning, stain removal, sanitizing, deodorizing and protecting for long lasting results. Why choose us? The difference is in our means and morale. We want you to be our customer for life, and will do whatever it takes to earn you complete satisfaction. All of our services are available for residential and commercial service, with no job too big or too small. Call us for a free estimate on all services today!


Carpet cleaning Bensalem

Cleaning service deals.It takes work to acheive an oustanding clean whether in a home or on a commercial carpet. But our technicians have been trained to take the time to first and foremost thoroughly assess all areas to be cleaned and listen to our customers desires and concerns. After examining, we can move most items of furniture and will protect sensetive items from damage and residulal moisture. Our company always begins with a complete citrus pre-treatment – something other companies charge extra for – becasue we believe including it is essential. Tough stains may require tougher treatments and we are prepared for that job. Our powerful truck-mounted machines will deeply clean all areas of your carpet using hot water extraction methods (steam cleaning) and their own water and power (e.g. no extra bill for you!). After water is collected in our trucks so it is not left anywhere on your property. Once cleaned stain guards and deodorizers are available to keep you fresh and looking new for a long time to come. We stand behind our committment to you and will return quickly if you should have any problems. Call us for a free estimate on carpet cleaning services today, and see what makes us the best!

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Rug Cleaning Services

Your high quality domestic and oriental area rugs were an investment in your home and you deserve to have the highest quality services and care with regard to cleaning them. We offer rug cleaning service on-site or can pick them up and return them to you when the job is done. We use special cleaning agents and methods on all different types of rugs to ensure best results and the full preservation of their integrity. Dust, dirt, allergens, mold and mildew, bacteria and odors – we are able to remove them all and restore your rugs to their original beauty. The industry’s leading protectors are also available. See why SteamMyCarpets is your area rug cleaning specialist today!

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Bensalem upholstery cleaning

Whether it’s a sofa, love seat, small or large couch, an family heirloom, a leather chair, expensive drapery or the interior of a car or truck, SteamMyCarpets is your premium quality upholstery cleaner. Touch stains and odors are no match for our trained technicians, quality equipment and time-tested training. Our upholstery cleaning services are guaranteed! If you are not completely satisfied, call us back and we will return to make things right.

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tile, grout and wood floor cleaning

Most tile and all grout is porous by design. For this reason, even, daily mopping can’t stop dirt from becoming trapped deep within and dulling your floor’s appearence or staining. A great clean requires a professional and we are the areas experts at tile and grout restoration. Using our state-of-the-art tools and cleaning agents, along with our hard won cleaning methods, your tile and grout floors will look amazing and our services are guaranteed. We also offer sealers for long term protection and grout recoloring for creating a whole new look. If any stains come back within fourteen days after our services, call us and we will come back out to correct it. 

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Hardwood Floor Cleaning

Our floor cleaning services don’t stop there either. We are also skilled and available for wood floor stripping, cleaning and waxing. We use a high-speed rotary brush and proprietary cleaning solution to break up tough dirt and contaminates. As we clean the floor, squeegees trap dirt, and a powerful vacuum extracts both dirt and excess cleaning solution. With proper floor maintenance and professional hardwood floor cleaning you can ensure your hardwood always looks new and lasts longer. Call us for tile, grout and wood floor cleaning services and see what we’re all about.

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Bensalem pressure washing services

Outdoor surfaces are designed to last but their are also subject to seasonal weathering, accidents and dirt accumulation from ordinary, everyday use. Sweeping wil clear surface debris, but returning concrete, asphalt, brick, stone and other common exterior materials to like-new conditions requires something more. Our state-of-the-art pressure washing service is the right choice for this job! Delivering a powerful blast of 250 degree water at 3500psi, our technicians are trained in all types of materials and know what it takes to effectively power wash your patio, wood deck, sidewalks, driveways, garage floors, brick and stone walls, commercial buildings, historical buildings and much, much more. Once cleaned, we can even offer a top grade sealant to protect you for a long time to come. Call us for the best in Doylestown pressure washing services today!

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Water Damage restoration / emergency flood cleanup

Flooding and water damage at your home, business or property is always an emergency. That is why our dispatch is available 24/7 for emergency flood cleanup and water damage restoration services, helping you get your property back in order as quickly and cost effectively as possible and billing directly to your insurance company. When you call us we will arrive a.s.a.p. with powerful truck-mounted and manual water extractors to get rid of all water as quickly as possible and prevent further damage. Once removed we utilize only the latest technology to detect where any moisture remains – in walls, floors, ceilings, etc. – with a complete examination. Each damaged area will then be dried rapidly using commercial air blowers and industrial strength dehumidifiers. Once this step of the process is cimplete we can use the most powerful antibacterials for sanitization and mold remediation. Water damage is never planned, but rest assured that our methods for your quickest recovery are.

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