Carpet Repair offers professional carpet repair services such as carpet stretching, seam repair, carpet dyeing, burn removal, and patching.


Does your carpets have buckles in them, also referred to as bubbles or ripples? Using our power stretcher, we can repair this damage done to your carpets. When we re-stretch your carpets, we do not cut corners like other companies, using only a knee-kicker. Once the carpet has been stretched, we complete the job by tucking and cutting the excess carpet.


If your carpet’s seam has split or the carpet has a long tear in it, we can repair damage. Using a carpet seaming iron, we’ll seam the carpet together using thermoplastic tape, thereby, creating the seam the way it was during installation.


Does your carpet have burn spots from cigarettes? Damage done by your dog chewing your carpet? We can fix these problems using bonded inserts (carpet patches). Our technicians will repair your carpet by cutting out the damaged portion of your carpet and replace it using a new, identical piece.